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Moving on and Review of Merci, Paris

Happy New Year to you all! 2013 has been a great year indeed: lots of new projects, lots of travel, lots of discovery… But 2014 ushers in a new chapter for me as I start work at Director of Innovation at Right Angle Studio no later than tomorrow! Leaving Arup was a difficult decision, but … Continue reading


Social Business – making business work for social outcomes

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, only a week after my last post, the motorbike is in for a service and so am I. It must be this schizophrenic weather, or too much hard work (that’s the version I will use at work), but I’ve got myself a good bug. It’s OK, I choose to see … Continue reading


Overcoming the Built Bias

My partner has recently purchased a motorbike. A Ducati to be precise. Those of you who understand motorcycles and the variety of subcultures that have developed through motorbike riding will understand that this purchase marks the beginning of a new phase of life. I am being half serious, half sarcastic about this, but there is … Continue reading

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When all your friends are media outlets

I don’t know whether it is the circles that I move in, but lately, I have been feeling like the boundaries between public and private life have are being blurred to a larger extent than I had ever really imagined… With the rise of blogging, Youtube, social media and the rest of the tools we … Continue reading


The Dark Side of Real Time Data

Good evening all, As a young professional, I suppose you have to be open to the fact that your ideas and understanding of the world might shift. And especially in my field: there is a lot of innate optimism about the transformative capabilities of technology that veils are our judgement. Technology’s purpose is improvement, right? … Continue reading


Digital and the changing role of planners

Hello all, It’s been a while… It is ironic to say so but as I moved house again, the trials and tribulations of getting a reliable and useful internet connection have presented themselves again. I am now running on my third month without internet on my laptop, which does show that a life without connectivity … Continue reading


Write up: TEDxCity2.0 City of Bits in Adelaide

There is nothing like a review of an event that comes 6 months after the fact. Well actually there is (and this is a pathetic attempt to retroactively justify why I have not been able to contribute to my blog as much I would like to) and that is that since the Adelaide based TEDxCity … Continue reading


Is a digital strategy a ‘clientless’ brief?

As you all know, I am a consultant. Yes, I said it, the dirty C word. Consultants are a weird bunch, especially in a ┬ácompany like Arup. We’re traditionally a bunch of clever and somewhat geeky engineers that apply their smarts to making the most impossible projects possible. It’s hard to argue with the value … Continue reading


Futur en Seine @ le 104, Paris

Hello all, I am back in my hometown, getting to know the place again. I don’t know if any of you ever feel this, but the first couple of days of being back, I feel like I am in a movie, people don’t look real, places look like movie sets. I’ve just gotten over that … Continue reading


Ideas worth sharing: TEDx Sydney and the power of networks

Hello hello, First off, apologies for the quiet time, I’ve been travelling internationally and have just gotten over the jet lag over here in Paris, tough gig I know. I am on leave for 3 weeks, a great opportunity to kick off my blogging again, and to become a Parisian again… Before I get too … Continue reading


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