A new name for Strategic Design

At this time of change and transition, I have been thinking a lot about the people who have shaped my professional path. I am lucky to be able to count amongst my mentors people like Dan Hill and Steve Lennon who are both exceptional visionaries and conceptual thinkers. Both Dan and Steve are the kind … Continue reading

Write up: TEDxCity2.0 City of Bits in Adelaide

There is nothing like a review of an event that comes 6 months after the fact. Well actually there is (and this is a pathetic attempt to retroactively justify why I have not been able to contribute to my blog as much I would like to) and that is that since the Adelaide based TEDxCity … Continue reading

Futur en Seine @ le 104, Paris

Hello all, I am back in my hometown, getting to know the place again. I don’t know if any of you ever feel this, but the first couple of days of being back, I feel like I am in a movie, people don’t look real, places look like movie sets. I’ve just gotten over that … Continue reading

Ideas worth sharing: TEDx Sydney and the power of networks

Hello hello, First off, apologies for the quiet time, I’ve been travelling internationally and have just gotten over the jet lag over here in Paris, tough gig I know. I am on leave for 3 weeks, a great opportunity to kick off my blogging again, and to become a Parisian again… Before I get too … Continue reading

Retail Innovation in Sydney – a few examples

Hi All, I hope the last couple of weeks have been good for all, certainly getting much closer to winter down here, a time of the year I love to loathe even though I am, every year without exception, reminded by my fellow northern hemisphere buddies that this thing they call winter down here is … Continue reading

Jamming for Public Service Design – Global Service Jam, Canberra

Hello Folks, It’s been way too long. I kind of dropped off the radar there. Eight weeks back into work and not a moment to spare. Who knew my day job would interfere so much with my newfound hobby! The important part is that I am back, for now at least, and keen to share … Continue reading

The Pop-Up Revolution: What online shopping means for retail

You’ve probably noticed, retail in Sydney ain’t doing too well at the moment. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that the viability of the retail model has come under serious strain and that online shopping is increasingly becoming the platform of choice for many consumers. Whereas I am a romantic, and I like the … Continue reading

Book Review: Where Good Ideas Come From

Yesterday was the perfect day to read. Lovely summer weather, not much else to do. And Tamarama Beach just calling out to me like it was going out of fashion. So I went and I took my current book: Steven Johnson‘s ‘Where Good Ideas Come From’. This is his most recent but Steven is also … Continue reading