A brief history of the past six months

I’ve fallen into a black hole. A black hole of work, responsibilities, changes and self realisations. It’s been a tough 6 months for me as I ventured out of the world of big business into the world of small business. My last post was published just as I joined Right Angle Studio, an eclectic and … Continue reading

Flashback on Sydney – Viewing the city in 1943

No, this is not an Australian adaptation of ‘Back to the Future’ where Marty discovers that as his younger mother falls in love with him, the possibility of him existing has vanished from the cone of possible futures, but rather a simple and somewhat nerdy indulgence that I gave into on Anzac Day: the NSW … Continue reading

The Origins of Branding – Heraldry in contemporary Australia

Today, we’re going to go for a slight journey through history, looking at the symbols and forms of representation that have been used for centuries to denote familial traits, character and aspiration: the coat of arms. I am no medieval buff, and I am happy to open a wider conversation about this with the folks … Continue reading

Revisiting Syria – A chronicle from 2008

You’ve seen it all over the news. Syria is in turmoil and there is no end in sight. A series of threats, warnings, negotiations and visits from international observers, the bottom line is: it’s not letting up. The latest plea has been from the Saudi delegation to the UN, who in spite of their own … Continue reading

Portrait of a Neighbourhood: Harlem

I’ve been meaning to write about my time in New York for a while now. I came and left so quickly that I’ve hardly had time to look back. I moved to New York in 2006 after completing my BA at UCL and ready to tackle the world of academia across the pond. I was … Continue reading

Alternative Presents

Hi there again, Thanks again to all those who have been reading and supporting this blog via twitter. It’s really growing on me, this whole writing ‘thing’, to the point that I am finding it quite hard to switch off actually! So much to say and so little time to write… I am cooking up … Continue reading