Surviving Progress

  When I first started at Right Angle, I was graciously invited to participate in the Future Laboratory’s Networking evening. The Future Laboratory are an exciting and innovative consultancy and trends forecasting agency based in London but have successfully been working in Australia for the past 2/3 years. This year they presented a trend briefing … Continue reading

Recent Discoveries from the Queen of Podcasts

Hello all out there, It’s been a little while. Sorry for letting you hanging there, I went back to work, as you can tell. Shame really, because I could have made this blogging business a full-time gig the way I was going at it!┬áSo I am back with a vengeance: I have discovered new treasures … Continue reading

Book Review: Where Good Ideas Come From

Yesterday was the perfect day to read. Lovely summer weather, not much else to do. And Tamarama Beach just calling out to me like it was going out of fashion. So I went and I took my current book: Steven Johnson‘s ‘Where Good Ideas Come From’. This is his most recent but Steven is also … Continue reading