Jamming for Public Service Design – Global Service Jam, Canberra

Hello Folks, It’s been way too long. I kind of dropped off the radar there. Eight weeks back into work and not a moment to spare. Who knew my day job would interfere so much with my newfound hobby! The important part is that I am back, for now at least, and keen to share … Continue reading

Revisiting Syria – A chronicle from 2008

You’ve seen it all over the news. Syria is in turmoil and there is no end in sight. A series of threats, warnings, negotiations and visits from international observers, the bottom line is: it’s not letting up. The latest plea has been from the Saudi delegation to the UN, who in spite of their own … Continue reading

Interview Series: Nora Niasari, Film Maker

Since my arrival in Sydney in 2009, hanging out at the School of Design, Architecture and Building at University Technology of Sydney has been the best way to meet great people doing great things (that I can subsequently write about). This is where I met Adrian Lahoud, but also Tarsha Finney, Sam Spurr, Craig Allchin … Continue reading

Alternative Presents

Hi there again, Thanks again to all those who have been reading and supporting this blog via twitter. It’s really growing on me, this whole writing ‘thing’, to the point that I am finding it quite hard to switch off actually! So much to say and so little time to write… I am cooking up … Continue reading

Designing Creative Clusters: Learning from Shanghai

Hi all, The lovely weather has subsided somewhat which means I’ve got more time to spend indoors and therefore more time to dedicate to this new hobby of mine. I’ve got to thank Dan Hill and Timothy Moore (editor for Architecture Australia) for tweeting about this nascent blog, they both endorsed it pretty quickly which … Continue reading

Nation of Finns, Travels through Finland Part 2, August 2011

So I left you with some thoughts about Helsinki yesterday. Lovely city really, very small, but lovely. A couple other things to check out would be the Big White Church (it probably has a proper name but that will have to do for my purposes) and the Church in the Rocks, of which I have … Continue reading

Nation of Finns – Travels through Finland Part 1, August 2011

Hi there again, I am finding this whole process of writing quite cathartic, I must say. I thought writing a blog would be tiresome and fastidious. But it turns out that I look forward to adding to the budding collection of thoughts I have put together so far, however disparate they may be. You might … Continue reading