Article Review: ‘Resilient’ by David Neustein

Hello again, As you’ve probably guessed, I am back at work. Yes, already. It seems like yesterday I was rejoicing over the prospect of having two weeks to myself, two weeks to do all this stuff that I had never done before like run, cycle and swim everyday (what was I thinking), like reading a … Continue reading

Book Review: Work and the City, Frank Duffy, 2008

Hello again, and yes, I am at it again… With the holidays and all this free time, I’ve been able to get through a couple of books that have been on my list for what seems like a million years. I started with ‘Work and the City’ by Frank Duffy, probably because it had been … Continue reading

Nation of Finns – Travels through Finland Part 1, August 2011

Hi there again, I am finding this whole process of writing quite cathartic, I must say. I thought writing a blog would be tiresome and fastidious. But it turns out that I look forward to adding to the budding collection of thoughts I have put together so far, however disparate they may be. You might … Continue reading