Write up: TEDxCity2.0 City of Bits in Adelaide

There is nothing like a review of an event that comes 6 months after the fact. Well actually there is (and this is a pathetic attempt to retroactively justify why I have not been able to contribute to my blog as much I would like to) and that is that since the Adelaide based TEDxCity … Continue reading

Finding a halfway house: Can we design public services better?

Hello there again, Apologies for the long interlude, work travel and projects have been keeping me very busy and stimulated indeed. But with an extra day off work in the bag, it is time to give back to the blogging community and write up a post I’ve been pondering for quite a while now. There … Continue reading

Designed to Fail: the Postal Service

I’m not a whinger, far from it. But there are some topics I cannot budge on. I’ve tried and it doesn’t work. Service design is one of the areas that I’ve recently come to be interested in9, as a key component of the soft infrastructure of the city. A service is ‘invisible’ or rather temporal … Continue reading